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How to Screen Books

how to screen books

All submissions are 100% anonymous. When you submit a ‘screen’ we anonymize and never track your personal information.

1. Click the "screen it" button on any book
2. Upload a snapshot from the book
3. Highlight what you found
4. Add some context: Pg#, brief description
5. Select a category
6. Confirm & Submit > DONE!

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About Us

We do not encourage book banning nor censoring, but instead aim to help the adults in a child’s life make informed decisions about which content is appropriate for their child. This is why we have chosen not to include subjective analysis on books–our community simply identifies potentially offensive content and leaves it to you to decide whether or not it is age-appropriate for your child.

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Community Guidelines

Together the Screen It First LLC community helps parents, students, and teachers alike make informed decisions on age-appropriate reading materials. Although we maintain the site, this is a community we build together, and your involvement is instrumental to that end.

Be Kind. Be Respectful. Be Honest.

Only highlight individual passages or imagery that are specific and relevant to the selected category. The goal of this community is not to “ban” or “cancel” books, but to help parents, educators, and students find books that are age-appropriate.

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