Together the ScreenItFirst community helps parents, students, and teachers alike make informed decisions on age-appropriate reading materials. Although we maintain the site, this is a community we build together, and your involvement is instrumental to that end.

Be Kind. Be Respectful. Be Honest.

Only highlight individual passages or imagery that are specific and relevant to the selected category. The goal of this community is not to “ban” or “cancel” books, but to help parents, educators, and students find books that are age-appropriate.


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Accuracy in screening helps us get more books screened faster. We rely on the community to accurately categorize all screens with appropriate information on the ‘offending’ content. If your screen isn’t approved please don’t repost it for at least a week, we’re a husband/wife team that may not be able to get through all of the screens as quickly as they come in.


We reserve the right to exclude anyone or anything that violates our guidelines with or without notice.

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