Sarah Mlynowski

Content Advisories

LGBTQ+, Teenage romance, magical themes

Author Notes


Sarah Mlynowski is recognized for her contributions to young adult and children's literature, including titles such as "Bras & Broomsticks" and "Spells & Sleeping Bags." Her works frequently delve into fantastical elements and teenage dilemmas. Parents should note that her stories often contain themes that might be considered mature, such as teenage romance, LGBTQ+ issues, and magical misadventures, which are portrayed without explicit judgment. Prior to introducing her books to young readers, such as the Whatever After series, Magic in Manhattan, Best Wishes, and Upside-Down Magic, it's advisable to preview snapshots of these books on ScreenItFirst. This precaution helps ensure the paths carved in young minds are ones of joy and innocence. Originating from Montreal and now based in Los Angeles, Mlynowski has written over fifty books, translated into twenty-nine languages, and recognized with adaptations in Hollywood. However, remember, much like tracks on a dusty road, the routes taken in early reading can leave lasting impressions, paths that, once traveled, cannot be unexplored.

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