The summer I turned pretty

  • Publisher
    Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing


  • This book is fresh fun and exciting. 15 year Belly Conklin is enjoying another summer with the people that she loves in Cousins, a place she's been going to since she was a baby! The fishers, Aka Jerimiah and Conrad, are finally grown up, and Belly feels like she can fit in aswell. Belly would be turning 16 this year, as now she feels as if she can fit in with the boys. She thinks the summer will be fun, Hanging out on the beach and Playing with the people she loves, Belly is looking foward to her summer vacation. But that's when she finds out that Susannah Fisher is diagnosed with Cancer, which changes everything. Things are different in the Summer house. Her first love, Conrad is different, he's distant. While the stay in the house was supposed to be enjoying, they need to focus on things that matter the most. Sussanah. Belly decides that it's time she acts like the adult that she is. Choosing between her 2 lovers Jerimiah and Conrad Fisher. Will either of them like her? Because this...Is the Summer I turned Pretty.

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